About Thapodhyan

Anyone else in the world can promise or at least make such a claim, the answer is a resounding "NO". This is when and where and we step in and assure you 100% result oriented treatment for any type of ailments. Read on to know more about us. We strictly adhere to and follow the Gurukula principles "The Gurukulam Sambhradayam" thereby offering our patients, who will be staying in our Thapodhyana Ashramam during the treatment period, the purest and most effective medicines; medicines that are prepared only using natural sources and methods. Our medicines are the result of deep research and study in the field of organic and natural cure. It is our honest and committed effort towards eradicating the miseries of people suffering from various diseases.

Our tried and tested skills have proved effective in the treatment of diseases like psoriasis, diabetes, SLE, Keloid, migraine, fits, asthama, alzheimers, parkinsons, arthritis etc. Unique systems of treatment developed by us are used. We ensure total cure for the above mentioned diseases for people who have undergone and are undergoing other methods of treatment. However, our only condition is that the patients coming to us must not have been operated upon prior to our treatment.